The Stuhrling Watches Review Exposes The Truth!

Taking the time to check out this Stuhrling Watches review will definitely help you in making a more solid buying decision. We’re always on the lookout for products that are getting a lot of testimonials from consumers and that’s one of the main reasons why we’ve created this website.

What you’re going to read below are brief but important highlights of the top Stuhrling Watches over at The Stuhrling Watches review will cover the things that people love about the watch. We’re also going to discuss the issues because no product is perfect and it’s important to know what you’re really getting.

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Stuhrling Winchester Elite Skeleton Watch

Stuhrling Winchester EliteThe Stuhrling Winchester Elite received the most number of positive reviews from people over at It’s been said that this is an awesome watch for the price tag but it’s important to take note that this watch is not Swiss made. Stuhrling was a Swiss watch company but they transferred their operations to Asia a long time ago. Their factory in Hong Kong implements a Swiss design but the watches are not made in Switzerland. If this Stuhrling watch was actually made in Switzerland, the asking price would definitely be a lot more expensive.

This is an automatic watch and it’s built to be wound by hand but you can also wind it up by your movements as you wear it. Even if you regularly wear this Stuhrling watch, you still need to wind it frequently. This type of watch is not that accurate when compared to a quartz type. Like all of the mechanical watches, this will also loose some time. A high end authentic Swiss watch may loose only a few seconds per day but the Stuhrling Winchester Elite may end up losing a minute or more. This minor issue is expected because of its price tag but it’s not really that bothersome according to a lot of consumers.

Stuhrling Symphony Maestro II

Stuhrling Symphony Maestro IIThis is a very sophisticated watch and you will definitely fall in love with it. When you get a hold of the Stuhrling Symphony Maestro II, you will notice that the packaging is very exquisite. The watch also looks more spectacular in person than the photos. There’s a nice weight to the watch and you will feel that you’re wearing something with good reputation. When you first put on the Stuhrling Symphony Maestro II, the band will feel a bit tight at first but eventually the band will become soft and will conform to your wrist. So if you become uncomfortable with the band, give it a little time and soon it will be just fine.

It’s been reported that the crystal on the face of the watch strongly prevented some scratches even though it’s been accidentally bumped against edges. The Stuhrling Symphony Maestro II can easily get a perfect rating but it’s been said that the time is a little bit off. This watch is actually a self winding type but you might experience some situations where the time is slower. That’s why you have to move the watch around more to keep it wound, thus avoiding the timing issue.

It’s also important that you do not set the Stuhrling Symphony Maestro II during the time from 9 up to 3 (doesn’t matter if it’s AM or PM). This will not only avoid having the incorrect date but it will also save your watch from being broken.

Stuhrling Winchester Grand Skeleton Watch

Stuhrling Winchester GrandDon’t be surprised if some folks come up to you and ask about your Stuhrling Winchester Grand Skeleton because it just looks really cool with the gear movements and the skeleton design. It’s been said by someone who buys a lot of high-end expensive watches that it doesn’t feel cheap or poorly built at all. When it comes to keeping time, a manual watch (including this one) doesn’t really have the precision that quartz watches have and this is a well known fact. When talking about durability, the Stuhrling Winchester Grand Skeleton is more delicate and will need some extra care. You don’t really want to go outdoors with this watch because too much bumping and shaking can do some serious gear damage.

One issue that you need to be aware of though is the poor construction quality of this watch. People reported that they’ve seen loose gears and heard some rattling sounds from the Stuhrling Winchester Grand Skeleton after wearing it for some time. You have a one-year warranty but Stuhrling will require you to pay a $20 shipping cost which according to folks is a bit expensive for shipping a watch. But still there are numerous positive reviews about this watch. This watch can also be a very nice gift because of the luxurious looking packaging which makes it more expensive that it really is.

Stuhrling Apocalypse Trinity

Stuhrling Apocalypse TrinityThe average star rating for the Stuhrling Apocalypse Trinity is nearly perfect as the general reaction is total satisfaction of the amazing value for the price. There was a comment from an avid watch collector who was very thrilled with the purchase and said that that value was simply stunning. Before you even get to the watch, you’re going to be very pleased with the presentation because of the sleek box which will give you that elegant statement. The Stuhrling Apocalypse Trinity is simply crafted with excellence. You can clearly see the black case gleams and the dials. The hand dials work smoothly and the features can be used easily. This watch is really sturdy as there are reports that it does not scratch easily even when you bump it for a few times.

It seems that there are some issues with regards to the weight of this watch as it is somewhat heavy. But there are also people who have anticipated the huge size and were surprised by how comfortable it felt on their wrists. You will need a day or two in order to break in the leather band. Also a lot of people noted that they were extremely satisfied with the 2-year warranty that’s included in the watch.

Stuhrling Emperor’s Grandeur

Stuhrling Emperors GrandeurIf you’re a watch collector then the Stuhrling Emperor’s Grandeur will definitely stand out in your collection. You will definitely get mesmerized by this watch as the skeleton parts are pretty stunning. You might even find yourself not checking out the time but the watch itself. The Stuhrling Emperor’s Grandeur is versatile and can be worn by a young professional or an executive. Plus, you can take advantage of the hybrid style of this watch because it’s a combination of both a pocket and wrist watch.

The weight and size of the Stuhrling Emperor’s Grandeur were the main concerns but it remains classy and stylish so there are no concerns of looking dense like many of the other huge watches. But if you have a smaller wrist then this watch is definitely not for you. If you’re looking for top notch craftsmanship and quality then the Stuhrling Emperor’s Grandeur is for you.

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  1. Brock says:

    As a proud owner of three (soon to be four) Stuhrling Originals, I
    think yours is about the best and most unbiased feedback on the
    Stuhrling line that I’ve seen.

    I admire them for their beauty, and consider each of them a work of
    art. Are they as accurate as an ETA Rolex or Patek? No, but I have an
    atomic clock fed Casio that would put either of those to shame for

    They are however, a fun watch and a joy to own. And as you’ve stated
    so eloquently, at this price point, why buy only one?

    Keep up the great work.

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